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First of all, greetings to everyone who decided to start following this blog. right at the beginning to say that this is my first blog and it may be a little confusing and awkward, but I will try to make it as understandable and readable as possible.
I believe that those with much greater experience than me on the issue of a self-sustaining way of life will also come here, and their comments and suggestions would certainly be welcome


My name is Milosh and I’m living in Belgrade. It is the capital of the state of Serbia in the center of the Balkan. Beautiful country, but neglected and more and more neglected every day. So many beautiful landscapes and places. Places, where you could live nicely. With a little, a little more or a lot of work. Witch depending on what and how much someone needs. A large number of villages have been abandoned. Have one or a couple of inhabitants, mostly old.
Young people go to look for quick earnings. Preferably with little work, and that does not happen.
I had the opportunity to live in a place at the very end of the city. For about 10 years and to try my hand at a self-sustaining lifestyle.

It’s not that I’ve achieved or earned too much, but I’ve allowed my family and myself to have our own products, at least for a while.

Unfortunately for me, I was forced to return to the city, not without the desire to go again one day. This time as far away from it, to a village where I will continue with a self-sustaining way of life.
I know that there are many blogs that write about this topic. As I said in the introductory part, I will try to bring to you closer THIS blog as much as possible, the topic of self-sustainable lifestyle and how it can be lived nicely and usefully. makes it important to cover this interesting topic as well as possible.


There are several definitions of SELF-SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE, which depend on how much effort one wants to invest in it. This way of life implies independent production of vegetables and meat, in order to enable a healthy life for oneself and one’s family. Yes, it is, it is a rural way of life, but remember, because each of you went at least once or once lived in the countryside, how nice it was there.

It is nice when you are awakened in the morning by the chirping of birds, instead of machines digging the street or a neighbor who has decided to redecorate the apartment. How nice it is when you breathe in the fresh morning air with full lungs instead of smog and soot in a city full of cars, buses, trucks, etc. I’m sure you’ve had the opportunity to walk through the woods, to eat wild strawberries, blackberries or maybe raspberries, wild plums.

To eat homemade soup that your grandmother cooked for you. Or a  donuts made from homemade dough with homemade cheese or cream. If so, then you have probably already started thinking about this topic.

No, it’s not easy, but it can only be as hard as you want it to be. Let me tell you right away that it depends on your work. How fast you will be able to get some financial benefit from the fruits of your labor depends of You.
To begin with, it is important that you understand your relationship with the country you own. Because how much will you give it, it will repay you many times over.

I don’t mean throwing a coin and finding a bag of money, although if you’re lucky enough, that might happen; o). Understand that the land you think you live on is not your slave who will suffer to be exploited indefinitely. You have to cultivate it, and feed it.

More effort you put into that part of the job, the more the same land will give you back.
Not everyone is interested in cultivating the land. Try to get your family interested in growing vegetables or taking care of animals.

Start with simpler plants and animals. I started with tomatoes and chickens, and later i added rabbits. I asked a friend to bring me a wild pomegranate from the sea. After a few years, it slowly turned from a twig into a tree that began to bear fruit. They also brought me a fig branch. But the dog, when i had it, felt an unusual desire to bite that same branch. So that the fig did not continue to grow.
I would like to write another, but perhaps the most important thing.
If you take a loan or borrow to start this way of life, there is nothing from that job ! Because if the bank lays claim to the land you are in, to the cars and machines you use
Then that is nowhere near the idea of ​​a self-sustaining way of life.
This does not mean that you have to leave a job that brings you a regular income.

It should encourage you to achieve a self-sustaining lifestyle to earn an income that will allow you to do it once and be your own boss.

There are many ways to earn money in addition to regular daily obligations, but about that a little bit later. In this way, among other things, you become more independent and less dependent on shopping in stores and markets.


For a start, you need a piece of land that, at least with us, can be bought quite cheaply. Next, you need to understand how nature works around you. I am writing this because you cannot plant the same crop from year to year. Because it will lead to the development of pests of various kinds and especially viruses. That will try to destroy your crops and thus break the food chain that you will form.

This is especially important if you want to produce organic food. You need to harmonize the plants and animals you’ll grow in order. One to feed the other and reduce the necessary engagement around them. That means making a food chain that will work nicely.

So plants feed animals. Animals feed the earth with their feces. The earth feeds plants, and finally plants and animals feed people.
The better you form that chain, the more you will benefit and be more independent. You are also trying to master some skills that can help you in self-sustainability.

It can be sewing, making furniture, repairing broken appliances, canning food, drying plants, drying and smoking meat and much more. Because all this contributes to your goal: SELF-SUSTAINABLE LIFESTYLE. I had the opportunity to be a guest with a man who also had his own pond, of land. So, the possibilities are limitless, it’s all a matter of desire and will…

Modern Self-Homesteading in Apartment

Given the current developments in the world, in terms of economy, disease, etc., people starting to think about self-sustainability. Especially those who live in cities in an apartment or house. That is why i will now pay attention to those people who live in apartments.

People who think that self-sustainability in an apartment is not possible. I’ll just tell them: YOU’RE WRONG. It is very possible to achieve self-sustainability in an apartment in the city itself.
Limiting space, supplies, and the like, should only encourage them to start thinking properly.

Of course, they can’t keep goats in the apartment. Because, firstly, they will eat everything they see, and secondly, their smell will spread very quickly. Then they have a problem with the neighbors and the law; o)). For a start. They can learn how to bake bread themselves, make a cake, make their own soap and hygiene products.

There are recipes and instructions for that on the Internet, so I won’t deal with it too much. They can start growing vegetables and fruits. Best of all with those species that grow in height, because it does not require much space. In addition, you will save money that you would spend on the purchase of these groceries.

Let’s go in order. For those who decide to keep an animal in the apartment, my advice is check the LAW in your environment. Because in some cities, for example, you can keep a snake, but you can’t keep a rabbit.

Then, if you want to make a small garden on the terrace or on the window sill. Take care of the soil in which you will plant the plants. Don’t go to a park near your apartment in the dark and dig up two or three shovels of earth. Because that earth is full of poison from car gases. Cats and dogs feces.

The product of such a plant is not exactly something you would eat. Or give to your child to eat. It is best to inquire where in your vicinity you can buying or procuring quality land for your garden. Then you can buy or make pots. Or just use with a little skill a plastic container from various products you bought earlier.

Pour soil into them and plant seeds or plants with roots, water them. And that would be it for a start.
It will take a few days until what you planted adapts and starts to grow.
My suggestion for a start would be: TOMATO, CUCUMBER and PEPPER. They do not require too much attention. You can certainly plant some herbs that you can later dry or add raw to dishes. So much for self-sustainability in city apartments. I know, you’ve noticed that I haven’t paid too much attention to keeping animals in apartments.

This is because you have to decide whether and what you could keep from animals. You are must pay attention to the fact that every animal, no matter how big, must have its own space. You don’t want it to soil the rest of your apartment. I will write a little later about how to make the simplest cages, feeders and drinkers for animals.

The most important thing is that you do not set high goals for yourself. And don’t expect to immediately become an expert in a self-sustaining lifestyle. There will be ups and downs, but the most important thing is not to give up. Over time, you will gain experience and it will be easier for you to solve the problems you will encounter.

As for hygiene, here is a little advice.

Do not throw away soap that has almost been used up. Collect a couple of such pieces, join them together and wash your hands with those parts. You will see that you have received a new soap. More attractive if you used pieces of different colors.

Try to air dry your laundry. If you are not a smoker, your apartment will smell like freshly washed laundry. It’s simple. You just need to make a draft and the laundry will dry.

The apartment will smell nice, and you will save money that you would give to pay the electricity bill.
At the end of this part. Start immediately with a self-sustaining way of life, but be persistent and aware. Every beginning is difficult, but when the first results of your perseverance and work arrive, happiness will be immeasurable. I say this from personal experience.

to be continued …

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