It's time to make this page more interesting. Here I will give examples of how to earn extra cash from things that You no longer use or have used, and something more ...

   So let’s start. First You should make or get 5 boxes, which can be made of cardboard, wood, plastic… On each of them, write or stick labels on which it will be written what kind of used product You will dispose of. For example, Glass, Plastic, Paper, Wardrobe, Shoes, Metal. I guess the lights in Your head have started to light up, what am I writing about; o)). That’s right, after each drink of juice or beer, wine, etc., put the bottle or can in a designated box.
   Ladies, ladies… go into the closets and see what You haven’t worn in the last 6 months, because as the statistics say, there is little chance that You will ever wear it. Arrange and store that wardrobe in the Clothes box. The same goes for shoes. I know, You adore those high-heeled shoes, but they sting You and can’t wear them, so put them in a shoe box with them.
   With us men, it’s a little different because we need everything and we collect everything like squirrel hazelnuts, but we’ll deal with it a little later. I also know that paper newspapers are less and less read, but still if You have some old newspapers, magazines or torn boxes, right in the box for paper with them. You’ve got a picture of what it’s all about so far. I don’t know what the prices of recycled glass and metal are, but metal ore is dwindling, and cans are made from aluminum, which is expensive, clothes and shoes You can sell either online, in ads or by garage sales. But before You start making money this way, I will draw Your attention to the fact that there are some things You can make from those things.
   So occasionally stop by the Do It YourSelf page, because there I will explain what it can be used for. Of course, Your ideas will be welcomed.

Move on. Why did I say don’t throw away the paper ?



   Because You can make briquettes from it, which You can use during the winter for heating. These briquettes are made during spring and summer so that they can dry by autumn and the beginning of heating. Read more on the Do It YourSelf page, because there are several ways to make briquettes, with and without tools. Of course You can buy the tools or if You are a little more knowledgeable You can make them Yourself. The choice is Yours. Do not throw away sawdust, because You can also use it not only as a base for chickens, if You have them, but also as an addition to the briquettes You will make or as an addition to compost. 

    When I mentioned compost, I would add that in addition to being used as a fertilizer for plants,  but did You know that it could be also used to heat water and thus heat the house. Free heating. Does that sound tempting to you? Can it reduce your electricity, wood, coal bills? Believe that it can and I will soon explain it on the Do It YourSelf page.

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