The number of eggs for planting is 21, and at least 15 -16 pieces, carefully selected and even more carefully kept so that the baby chickens can hatch from them. A hen is used for this important job. It is best to plant a chicken in the spring, but when it has already moved away, when there is no fear of frosts, and to be quite precise, when an ordinary laying hen blooms. Chickens have a naturally built-in genetic, biological calendar.

   When a hen blooms, it sounds completely different than when a hen, when she brags that she laid an egg, or that scream when a chicken coop is attacked by a fox or a weasel. It is a sign that she wants to become a mother.


   The new hen is placed on a nest on top of a full basket of straw, and on a plantation of a maximum of 21 eggs, for how many days the hen will lie on them. The hen must lie in a room warm enough to withstand her voluntary suffering. Every two days she is offered some grains, coarse grains or grain and corn, and she places fresh water next to a tray, a box, a casserole. The hen will get up, bite quickly and drink water, flutter her wings to start the bloodstream and poop profusely. Nothing stinks more than that dung kept for two or three days, so I guess that’s why people invented incubators.


   After three weeks, the baby chickens will hatch the shell and start to emerge from under the mother hen. Everyone should come out within 48 hours because those eggs that stay whole are probably male. It is said that the hen lay well if she laid 80 percent of the eggs.


   After that, new tasks await. She must water the baby chickens and teach them to peck, eat large and dry bran, bread crumbs and small seeds, she must gather them under her wings as soon as the colder wind blows, remove them from the rain, and seek help if they are threatened by an intruder. This lasts for weeks, almost months, until the chickens become independent and stop listening to their mother-hen.


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