Today I want to write a few lines about bees and their products. I would like to emphasize that honey and other bee products are very healthy and that is why they should be consumed often, so they are in great demand, so beekeeping is a very popular and lucrative business that can bring you extra income.
   Of course, don’t expect the bees to do all the work and you to pick up the results of their work, sell them and make money. No, because if the bees need to visit about 10 million flowers, in order to collect 1 kilogram of honey, then you will still have to invest some of your effort in order to achieve a good result.

   Since I am writing this post with the intention of starting to think in the direction of another type of income from your household, I will not go into too much detail, because in a few days the site will have a page with more detailed text and tips for those who decide to beekeeping. So now I just mentioned some of the benefits that bees offer us almost for free.

  Let’s start in order.
From ancient Babylon, Egypt, the ancient Greeks and later the Romans, the Visigoths, the Gauls, the ancient Slavs, even the Maya and the Incas, until today, the nutritious and healing properties of honey are known. An interesting feature of honey is that it has no shelf life, and as proof of that, honey was found in Tutankhamun’s tomb, which is still edible after 3000 years.
Due to its composition, honey quickly compensates for lost energy. It contains vitamins A, D, C, K and B. Many trace elements, such as Magnesium, Iodine, Sodium, Potassium … Today, honey is used in food, pharmacy, but also in cosmetics.

Propolis is a mixture of plant materials with digestive enzymes and wax. With it, bees fill cracks and strengthen honeycombs. Propolis contains as many as 200 different ingredients, some of which are; pollen, resin, wax, vitamins, essential oils, herbal balms, etc.

It is secreted by newly hatched young bees, which do not fly yet, and it is secreted for feeding the queen, hence the name Royal Jelly. It is highly valued because it has a beneficial effect on health and accelerates the work of the glands.
IMPORTANT NOTE: When consuming Royal Jelly, never use metal spoons, but only wooden ones or if you have to use plastic ones.


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