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Spring Comeing in Your Garden ! ! !

   Spring is slowly approaching us. The days are getting longer and warmer and the time is coming to slowly start preparing for the spring works in the garden, no matter how big it is and wherever it is, but,  first of all, it is necessary to check and clean the tools and, if necessary, sharpen them. If you’ve run out of tools, now is the time to buy a new one.

   If you plan your activities in the right way, you will be able to enjoy the garden, which is full of the fruits of your labor, and if you take some time to improve the fertility and looseness of your soil, you will have the opportunity to enjoy a productive year.

   A few weeks before you plan to plant vegetables or fruits, make a plan for how you want your garden to look and what vegetables and fruits you want to plant in it. The next important thing is to cultivate the land, which has shrunk over time, especially during late autumn and winter. It needs to be made suitable for planting, which means that the soil that you plan to use as a garden should be pruned, cleaned of stones and roots, and covered with a stronger layer of fertilizer, preferably organic. This is done when the soil is dry and lumpy, and NEVER if it is wet. The soil prepared in this way will become looser and get the necessary amount of air and organic matter that is rich in nutrients, at the same time improves water resistance and will be able to feed your plants.

   In the spring, weeds begin to sprout from your soil. You need to remove it as soon as possible and put it away from your garden, because in time it will bloom, produce seeds and start reproducing again in your garden.

   After you have removed the weeds, it is necessary to add a little fertilizer and mix it thoroughly with the soil in the garden.

   In early spring, after frosts, it is best to plant plants such as black, red and garlic and onions, spinach and primroses.

   It is best to start planting inside your home, because it is simpler and easier for you. To do this, use glasses of yogurt or similar products. Fill them with soil for seedlings and add a few seeds of vegetables or fruits that you want to transfer to the garden when they start to sprout from the ground in a glass and grow about 10 cm. Then you separate them and put them in the already prepared beds that you made in your garden. Mark what you planted in which bed so that it will be easier for you to find your way later.

    In the end, even if you are a beginner in this business, when you observe how the fruits of your work progress day by day, you will have the feeling that you have not wasted time, and you will be able to enjoy delicious fruits, which are often better and tastier than them. products purchased in the store.  

Most important things befor staring...


Soil: One of important things  for any tipe of gardening, eader on small or big land. Must be a good quality, because plants depend of it. In a pot, first put soil and then put the seed or stem of the plant and add the soil to about an inch from the top. lightly press the soil so as not to damage the roots. When you have done that, if need, add a little more soil and water it. (The way to save money is to use an already used can of mustard, mayonnaise, jam or something similar instead of a pot)

Sun: Without sun, no life. Lot of Sunlight is good for growing plants, even eight hour of them, which can be a problem in apartments, especially in cities. Use balconies or sims on the windows, and even roofs, and you will put pots so that the plants have as much sun as possible.

Water: Plants need a lot of water, some times, so give im, at least in the morning and early evening

Air: Air, not WIND iz also important for plants. The best solution are places where there is always or at least often a breeze.

Humidity: Also important think for quality grown plants. But, in summer when the heat is very hot you can do with some of the water sprayers. For this you can also use a used bottle of degreaser or similar, that you have previously washed well. (Another way to save. Instead of buying, you made it yourself from something used)

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