A reminder for everyone who grows fruit.
                                                                                             What do fruit growing works look like by months.



Apple orchards are pruned in January. Pear and apple fruits are still sold. Pesticides and fertilizer for fertilizing fruit trees are procured.

February is the month for pruning not only apple but also stone fruit species. It is time for surface cultivation of the land as a preparation for spring planting of fruit trees. Then, winter spraying of orchards and classification of rootstocks and seedlings is performed.

March is the month for raising new plantations, nurseries and rootstocks. It also works on weed control in the orchard and performs inter-row plowing. It’s time for a blue spray of apricots and peaches. Then, grafting and rejuvenation of fruit varieties. Pruning raspberries and blackberries.

Pest and disease protection measures are being implemented in April. Detailed tillage is carried out in orchards, nurseries, plants and seedlings. April is also the month for cleaning the surfaces.

In May, tillage continues. Then it is necessary to thin the fruits and remove unnecessary young shoots in newer plantations. This is also the month for grafting and cleaning the substrate. And the first harvest of strawberries, cherries and sour cherries begins.

In June, the protection of orchards from pests and diseases is further implemented, as well as surface tillage. Green pruning of young peaches is done. June is the month when raspberries, cherries, sour cherries, and early varieties of pears, apples, peaches, apricots and plums are harvested.

July is the month when it is necessary to water the fruit trees and do green pruning. In young pear and apple orchards, young plants are bred, ringed and semi-ringed. Substrates for grafting are prepared and grafting of substrates is performed. The fruit harvest, which started in June, continues. The orchards are protected from diseases and pests in fruits that will bear fruit only later. Conditions for planting strawberries are being prepared.

The planting of strawberries begins and the preparation of the rootstock for grafting continues, and only the grafting of the fruit is performed. In addition to fruits that ripen in July, hazelnuts also begin to ripen in the second half of August. Soil structure is prepared and analyzed for new seedlings. Watering, pest protection and tillage continue. As well as the divorce of the young.

Grafting of fruit trees should be completed in the first decade of September. Then perform basic fertilization of the orchard and prepare the soil for raising the orchard, plant and seedbed. The harvest of walnuts, late varieties of apples and pears begins in September, and the harvest of hazelnuts continues.

The harvest of walnuts and winter varieties of apples and pears is coming to an end. Autumn tillage and basic fertilization are performed. October is the time for sowing seeds in the seminary and preparing seedlings for extraction.

In November, rootstocks and fruit seedlings are finally removed. After that, new orchards and nurseries are raised. Blue spraying of fruit trees and other measures of protection against pests are carried out.

December is the month that usually does not allow further work in the orchard, although in case of extremely favorable conditions, the planting of orchards can continue. In any case, care is taken of fruits, planting material, agricultural machinery, tools and packaging. December is probably the most favorable month for educating fruit growers when it would be good for them to renew and improve their knowledge about fruit growing, which will certainly give positive results.

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