I am writing this text because all of us ordinary “little” people live in a very strange and rather complicated time. To all this should be added this damn COVID 19, which in my opinion did not come into being on its own, but either escaped or was deliberately released from a laboratory. I will not go into conspiracy theories, but I will focus on some more important things.

   I’ve had the opportunity to watch a bunch of videos and read a bunch of posts and forums that deal or have dealt with this topic and from my point of view, most of it is nonsense. Many may not agree with me but it is their right. First of all, PREPPERS !!! Whatever occasions they prepare for, why piling up food, toilet paper, water… Throwing money into something that may or may not be.

   According to statistics, as many as 90% of preparers will arrested or die in the first 72 hours. Why is that? Because in any version of the accident, power grid will fall down. No electricity, no running water, no phones. All stores goes empty. Gangs will appear that will go from door to door and they will do anything to steal food, water and anything they come across. I watched a video of a girl bragging about collecting food, water, medicine, etc., and living with a view of the White House in Washington. HAALOOOO !!! Do you have a brain. It is something that is not talked about, if you’re already doing that nonsense. It’s like you opened the door and said, please, take everything you need. She mentions that she has already spent a lot of money on storing so many unnecessary things. Of course, You should think about the possibility of some unforeseen situations, such as earthquakes, hurricanes, tsunamis, wars, etc., but if any of these happen, what will you do with your warehouse? It was buried by several tons of concrete, flooded by a tsunami, swept away by a hurricane, a bomb fell… and what now ? That money, and it is about tens of thousands of dollars, is better to invest in a piece of land somewhere in the woods or in the mountains.
   I agree that you should have some piece of weapon, but not buy everything You see or someone tells You need it. It is basic to learn how to handle one, possibly two pieces, You will not get to the rest if someone attacks you, because the attack does not happen when you are ready, but when the attacker estimates that he is ready, and you are the most vulnerable. Here, I can bet $ 1, that apart from military and police forces, 90% of ordinary civilians on this planet have no idea when they are most vulnerable. Yes, I know, I have become a millionaire, because 90% of you do not know that a man is most vulnerable between 3 and 5 o’clock in the morning, especially if he is alone. So forget everything you heard, watched, thought about spending a few thousand dollars or whatever money, on food, water, medicine, weapons, and so on. Because you can’t carry all that with you when you have to take shelter, if a situation arises that requires it of you.

   Forget those cute, colorful survival kits, 70L backpacks, filled with things you don’t need that offer you as a survival solution. What you need are a few things you have in the house and a backpack that can fit. Don’t count on getting a 50-60kg backpack to get far. Take a bag of cement and try to lift it. Most will barely make it, let alone carry it 20km on your back.

   Count on a load of 10-15kg.

These include a complete, thicker tracksuit, a jacket, not a ski jacket, but a jacket resistant to wind and rain, two pairs of socks and definitely good HIKER deep sneakers. There are a lot of brands and models, but you choose the ones in which you feel most comfortable and move. Winter sleeping bag, tarpaulin of at least 2x3m or tent wing (preferably camouflage) or light tent, 20m paracord rope, one roll of nylon for fishing 0.30 thick and packing of hooks of various sizes, and the best proved to be no.16, a few fishing leads from 10gr, a few energy chocolates, two or three soups in bags or military meals, 2 boxes of general purpose antibiotics and a bottle of iodine, or firs AID kit You probably have in Your car. MANDATORY, 2 bottles of two liters of water.
   I know it’s interesting when you watch someone light a wad with a fire flint and you need to learn how to do it, but one simple lighter can give you about a thousand ignitions and so pack at least two lighters and fire flint if You wish. One saucepan or something like that in which you can boil water. A good, strong knife whose blade is at least 3mm wide and no longer than 10-12cm. Make sure to pack some seeds of tomatoes and potatoes. Grow fast, use minimum space for seeding, and lost is minimal. You will need them, when you come on Your location. If you have a pistol or rifle, store at least two spare frames and 2 boxes of ammunition and of course a compass. If you are able, get a military folding ace, which you sharpen from all sides and in that way you will have multi tools and weapons all in one. Something like this one I have. Which is both a machete and an ax, and can even serve as a screwdriver.

Anything beyond that is just an unnecessary burden to you.
P.S.1. All this is per one person. If You going with family or trustful friends, then the list of food supplies can be larger. One can pack flow, salt, oder, some dry meet, boiled egs, sugar, coffe etc, etc.

   Equipped in this way, you can move fast for a few days, and you can also hide, if you notice that someone is following you with bad intentions. Personally, last year I devoted a lot of time to hiking and I came to the conclusion that I can walk 40-50km a day. Let me immediately mention that I am not trained, not even in shape. I am a smoker, and I have 100Kg. So, if I could, you can too, and believe me, especially if your life depends on it, you will be able to do more. Move at night, because then, logically, visibility is reduced, so you will be less noticeable, especially if you avoid bright places.

   Your goal is a piece of land that you bought instead of spending money to collect food and other unnecessary things like a squirrel.

   I say again, forget what you watched on TV, on YouTube and the like. Surviving in peacetime and in conditions when you are realistically in danger are two completely different things. Talk to some of the war veterans, you can learn a lot. No, I’m not saying that there are no smart things to learn on the Internet or that TV Shows, such as tying knots, setting up bivouacs and the like, but survival starts from your apartment, through leaving the city and arriving at the desired location. Don’t count on getting out of town in a car when there’s chaos. That is why I advise you to get used to hiking. You have to move fast and that’s why I say again, don’t waste money on stupid storage, on a bunch of equipment that you will never use, and it will only slow you down, but spend your time walking around the city. Meet the streets where you can get out of the city the fastest. Places where you can possibly take shelter and what is most important is to improve your fitness and mobility.

   When I first walked 20km, I thought my legs would fall off. That’s why here is one piece of advice for moving, and that is CAT’s WALK. Notice how the cat walks with its front legs. Everything will be clear to you. When you master this way of walking, you will be able to travel much longer and with less pain. It will be funny at first, but you will see and most importantly, you will feel the difference.

   I suggest that while you are sitting idle at home, make a plan for the eventual evacuation of you and your family. Calculate how far the destination you need to get is. Remember to move as fast as the slowest member of the group and he should be at the head of the group. When you have left the city, Avoid the main roads, move at least twenty meters from the road or through the woods and bushes, if there are any somewhere along the road that leads you.

   You’ve already done more than half the work, but it’s not done, because you need to know how, when, and where you’re going.

The most important thing is to always keep number 3 in mind.

   3 minutes without air

   3 days without water

   3 weeks without food

   Some even mention 3 hours without shelter, which is fine if the weather is bad, but if the weather is good, it is not significant.

   So you came out successfully from Your town. Try to move away minimum 5km. before start thinking about rest. Make improvised shelter in some hidden place. Hydrate Your self, and try to sleep at least few hours. REMEMBER, NO FIRE !
   Fire would be seen form way distance. Even the embers of a cigarette can be seen at a distance of 300m.

   The first few days will be really difficult for you, because suddenly, from the comfort of your home, you are in a place that is still not your natural environment.

   And with all luck You came to Your destination. What now. If you were smart enough and thought a little ahead, even before it all started, you built a hut, a house there, or at least cleared enough space to be able to set up a tent for the first time. What is valid now is to secure that property.

   Like I said before, If You came alone it would be difficult to You to do everything alone, but if You are with family or trustful friends, thinks goes much easier and faster. Divide the duties so that everyone does something and everything can be completed in as short a time as possible.

   First and more important thing You must to do is to find water,
                                                 remember 3 days out of water.
If You don’t make any hat or house, that is second important think to do. You don’t need to make house with two floors, but big enough for You and your family.

In mine time look somewhere around to see if there is anyone who would sell or trade a few chickens and maybe a goat. In that way, you would be provided you with food, eggs, milk, cheese… for start.  In that way, you solved the biggest problem of survival. With a little skill, you can make a trap for rabbits that you will tame and eventually have meat from them.

   And so, you became a Homesteader without planning it.

   In time, things will normalize in the cities, so you may want to come back, but after living in nature surrounded by peace, quiet, clean air, provided with food, fresh water, I think You will give up on that idea.

I hope that this will not be necessary for us, but I also hope that I have helped you in some way by listing the things that I consider necessary.

P.S.2. Don’t get me wrong, I’m also into storing and preserving food, but for a short time.

 So, stay Alive, Healthy and Safe

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