Thanks to good friends, I got a house with a garden to use.
After painting and a short winter,
it’s time to make this page more interesting.
Since I like wood as a material, I will use boards from old pallets,
because they are cheap (almost for free),  and they have the rusticity that gives them a special charm.



  To make a HAT STAND like this, You don’t need a lot of time, a lot of space or a lot of tools 
  You need one pallet from which to separate three or four longer boards and one to cut in half.      You will need 12 wood screws 2x20mm, a screwdriver and 6 or 8 hooks for this HAT STAND.
  After separating the boards from the pallet, take one and measure the length, then cut it in half. Place these two halves parallel on the surface on which you will work, and arrange the remaining boards over them so that there is the same distance between them, but not to exceed the length of the halves of the boards you cut earlier, 20 cm from the upper part and 20 cm from the lower part. Before you start screwing the screws, check once again that everything is as it should be. Now it’s time for the hooks, which you arrange so that they are at the place where the long boards join with the halves. Slowly screw in the screws through the hooks by joining the long boards in half and your first project is done. You can sand the HAT STAND and paint it in a color you like, or each board in a different color, although I like to just paint the wood with boat varnish. Use your imagination, HAT STAND does not have to be this form. This is just one example and the easiest way to do it.

P.S. To make it easier to screw in the screws and to prevent the boards from cracking, have some oil on hand, even edible oil does the job, and dip the screw in the oil before screwing, or use a drill to drill holes a little narrower than the thickness of the screw


This Diagram show how to wireing power window motor (12V) with
two car raleys, (30A), Day/Night sensor (12V, two swiches (16A), and
two diode 10A for making utomatic door for Your Chicken Coop,
Gates or something else… Imagine, Sky is limit ;o)
You can download this Diagram from here 

Watch at least the first two videos where it is shown how it is made and how it proves that it is not a scam. I am not asserting anything and distance myself from any inaccuracy in the videos. I have not personally tried to make this device, but I certainly plan to and if it really works, I will let you know on this page.

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