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   Growing chickens for your own needs is extremely profitable for several reasons. I will list some of them, and I believe that you know who they are. Every day you will have fresh eggs that are far tastier than eggs sold in stores. You will have quality and healthy meat if you keep chickens for meat. Also, you will have quality fertilizer for your garden. In the end, what is important, if you refuse the initial investment in the purchase of chickens and food for them, you just save, because you no longer have to buy eggs, or meat, or even fertilizer for the garden. I don’t know what the prices of eggs, chicken and fertilizer are for you, but add it all up and you will see that raising chickens is very profitable.

But let’s take turns.

   Every time I have to remind you to first check what the law says about whether and how much you are allowed to keep chickens in your yard or on your property.

   If the law allows you to keep chickens, then it is up to you how many chickens you will have on your property. This may depend on the number of members of your household. From which direction you plan to direct the cultivation. Will it be just for your needs or maybe you plan to sell eggs and meat.
   For starters, if you have no experience in raising chickens, I would advise you to start with a smaller number, say one to two chickens per household member. Let’s assume that your family has four members, 6 to 8 chickens bring you 4 to 8 each day, and sometimes 10 eggs. This number varies because there will be days when not all hens will lay an egg, and there will be days when some will lay two eggs on that day. Add one rooster to this number of chickens. This gives you the opportunity to have baby chickens that will eventually grow into hens and thus increase your flock and open up new opportunities. Not only savings but also earnings, by selling eggs or little chickens themselves, adult chickens or their meat.

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   Before purchasing chickens, think about where you will place them on the farm. Do you want to have chickens that will move freely around the property? It’s nice, it can be interesting even that it can be fun. However, when it starts to get dark, the chickens should have a space in which to spend the night. That space should be such as to provide them with security. They should also have containers with food and water in that area.

   In the beginning, many people build these chickens coops on earth for easier access, but you must also keep in mind the fact that various predators lurk with the intention of stealing and taking away your chickens. Whether it’s a rat, a fox, a dog, a cat. This type of chicken coop is not the safest variant. It can have its advantages if it is mobile, so you can move it from one place to another and thus provide chickens with a new source of natural food. Scouring the ground in search of bugs and worms, picking grass is real fun for them.

   My recommendation though is to make a chicken coop above ground. You won’t need a lot of time or a lot of materials or tools for that. However, it all depends on how much news you have. Below I will show you a few ways how to make a chicken coop and what you need for it. Some do not recommend using already used materials as material for building, but I encourage you to use such material. From a few wooden pallets that you bought at a small amount of money in warehouse, you can make a decent chicken coop with a little or a little more effort.

   Perhaps the cheapest material for making a Chicken Coop is PVC. For really little money (wherever you live) with PVC pipes you can make a fairly stable and safe Chicken Coop or what they call the Chicken Run.

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