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   So you have decided to leave the city, the noise, the crowds and to dedicate yourself only to a sustainable way of life. You have several hectares of land and now you are in doubt as to what to do next. Here is how I imagine such a property. Of course, it cannot be done overnight, but gradually, with work and effort, everything can be achieved.
   Take for example that you have 5 hectares of land. I would set aside half or the whole hectare in the center and, if necessary, clear that piece of land from stumps, trees, clear of weeds and plant a lawn. Why a lawn? We will get there slowly.
   Somewhere in the middle of that lawn, I would make a house out of wood or earth and straw, which is perhaps the best option, because it allows you to use what surrounds you. Country houses have their advantages because they allow you to let your imagination guide you.
   You can design it as you like, and what is important is that they are cold in summer and warm in winter, which will significantly contribute to energy savings. Later I will show you a few examples of such houses and the way they are made. Another interesting thing about such houses is that they are long-lasting. There are still houses made of earth that are about 200 years old. Of course, medicine has not yet advanced so much that a person can live that long, but it is good to know that our descendants can also have a roof over their heads. But let’s go back to what I started writing about. If you have not decided to make a house of a few hundred square meters, but one of about 60 square meters, you will have a lot of land around the house where you can build several ancillary facilities to keep animals and plant a garden with flowers or vegetables or just leave just the lawn, which I would do. Not far from the house, I would dig a pool 10 by 5 meters, 2 meters deep, which could be a pond or a swimming pool, which again depends on our imagination. I would plant fruits and vegetables around that lawn, and a hedge on the very perimeter of the property. That way they would have a naturally fenced property.

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