Apartment or small land

   Even if you live in a apartment or has a small piece of land, you should be able to grow some fruits or vegetables. The easiest way is to start with something that will grow “by itself”, as is garlic, spring onions, tomatoes, peppers, carrots, etc. For some of them any pot is enough, for some a little bigger or even a container (windows box). 


Lightly cover the seeds with some damp peat moss, so the seeds don’t dry out, this prevents germination. Keep the soil moist, and seeds should germinate within two week


Leave one head of garlic to stand for at least a week and you will notice how the green cobs are beating. All you have to do is take a glass, pour water into it and put that head of garlic in it, rooted in water. In a couple of weeks you will have the garlic grown enough that you can separate it and plant it in pots or a window box


You can grow green onion in tree different ways.
– From seed,
– In pots or containers
– In glass of water

If you decide for the first two ways, in addition to pots or containers, you also need soil in which to plant young onions. The third way is the same as with garlic. you need an hour of water in which you put the spring onion root down and in two weeks you will have the spring onion


For Tomato You needs a good potting soil mix, preferably organic. Pots with good drainage. The soil should be moist at all times, but make sure you don’t over-water, and needs minimum six hours of full Sun. You can hang a pot of cherry tomatoes to hang and then it will go down next to the pot or support it with a tributary to grow in height. Ordinary tomatoes grow in height, so it is necessary to support them with a stalk.


There are currently about 30 types of peppers, so I won’t tell you which peppers to plant. You will have to decide for yourself, but the principle is the same. Paprika is planted as a seed, which means that it is necessary to provide it with a pot or container, quality substrate, plenty of sun (12 hours) and water. Don’t overwater. Allow the container to dry out between waterings.


Cucumbers are an essential summer vegetable, and one that is easy to grow and extremely productive – even in containers, don’t need a big garden to grow cucumbers. Just give them sunshine and consistent moisture, and they will do the rest. grow and give you lot of fruit.

At the end of this chapter, I would tell you that there is no plant that you cannot grow in an apartment or on a small area of land. All it takes is good will and perseverance and the results will be visible. Just a few more things you should pay attention to:

  • Pots and containers should have holes to allow for adequate drainage and be sized correctly for the particular plant. 
  • Use a good quality potting mix, never use a soil from garden or any open spaced soil becouse not strile and maybe contain bacteria or fungus. Potting mixes usually have vermiculite or perlite, which allows for better drainage.
  • In the winter, sunny windows do not provide enough light for healthy, stocky plants. Winter days are shorter, and the sun is too low in the sky. Becouse of that consider to even get a plant light or a full-spectrum fluorescent light.
  •        Also, chack this site about Food Preservation Methods and Guidance
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