“Know the difference between
Living to Work and Working to Live.”

If You are wondering what I am going to write to you ABOUT here, the answer is: ABOUT everything that has to do with a self-sustaining way of life. Gardening, raising animals, saving, making various things, but we will go in the order that suits you, your choice from the sub menu.

My Mission is:

Change Your view to way of living. To live more healthier. To start appreciating and loving the nature that surrounds you.
In the SUB-MENU you will find a lot of information on how to live on this way.

My Experiences:

I was lucky to live this way both as a child and as an adult. For that reason, I think I’ve gained enough experience to talk about it.

Of course, a man and a woman learn while they are alive. So it would mean to me to see your comments with suggestions and what you would like me to add to this site.


To buy my one piece of land, on which I will start working from scratch and to grow this site by showing  you all this as it happens.

So … if you want to help achieve my goal to grow this site, feel free to donate as much as You can.

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