(the story is for both men and women)

   The man was born 53 years ago, abandoned by his mother and placed in a home for orphans. Carried by a lucky star, he is adopted by two parents who gave him more or less everything. He had a fairly happy childhood since his father was a military man and quite strict. A few months before his father’s death, the man meets his wife.
   Woman, beauty, handsome, smart. A relationship begins between them that turns into love and they get married. After a while, a beautiful little girl is born, and three years later another little girl. They live in difficult conditions, which have befallen their country. Poverty, bombing, but they do not give up and continue on. Some 15 years after the birth of their first daughter, they have a son.
   A baby who has grown into a boy from now on for almost 18 years. A master in martial arts. Well-mannered, smart, handsome. Daughters have grown into beauties, smart, educated, well-mannered, cultured. They moved from the apartment to the house. After a while, the woman leaves the man in another part of the house. The man is left alone in his part of the house.
   Every day they move further and further away from each other. The person begins to slowly become depressed day by day and becomes anxious. In such a state, he enters into a relationship – without a connection and begins to feel desirable again, not realizing that with each message more and more he gets involved in the network of manipulators. After a while, the man starts taking medications and mixing them with alcohol. More and more alienated from the wonderful family he has. In the end, that connection – the connection ends and the man realizes that he has been manipulated. Yes to his stupidity. He realizes that he hurt the woman he loved and who loved him. He takes a well-calculated combination of drugs and, in combination with a lot of alcohol, tries to commit suicide.
   That woman who loved him, finds him in an unconscious state, next to him a farewell letter. She calls an ambulance and they save the man. After about a month, the woman tells the man that she no longer wants to live with him.     He tries to convince her to forgive him for not wanting her and he returns to the apartment where he is alone. Where no one comes to him. He rarely goes out except to work and from work. He falls into depression again, even greater than he was in, but now there is no one to find him. To ask him how he is and what is bothering him. After 28 years of marriage and all sorts of difficult, ugly and most of all beautiful moments, he realizes that one stupidity, followed by even greater stupidity, has led to the state in which he finds himself.
   Now that man would give anything to be able to turn back time before he did all the nonsense to be with his beautiful wife and children again. With his family, but he can’t. She doesn’t want to forgive him.

   Therefore, both men and women, take care of your partners, no matter how much they are like this or that, because everything is better than alone.

                     Greetings and think about You just read !


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